So it appears that a certain amount of time has passed since I decided to “start a blog” and I enthusiastically wrote an “about me” section and one little post that also happened to be “about me”. (Seeing a pattern here already though, mmm?). And then wow look at that three months went by and I thought about writing (I really did) but I couldn’t bring myself to just carve out a little me time and click that menacing little button that just says…. “Write”. You know how some buttons just stare at you? This is one of those buttons. So, what changed? Well, the 5 people who I initially told about this blog have been continually asking me about “how it’s going”, but more immediately, a dear friend of mine (who is not, in fact, a prolific writer, or someone who even writes for fun, ever) sent me several chapters of a book she wrote. Now, this is truly awesome, and I am so happy for her because writing is a terrific outlet and being able to utilize it as a tool (similar to therapy, in my humble opinion) is so powerful in relation to one’s ability to cope as well as for grounding one in their sense of self. BUT- if she can crank out a few pages in an afternoon, I can darn well sit down and lay out a paragraph or two!

So here I am. Reunited with this wonderful public journal… (who’s idea was this again?)

Just kidding. Blogs are fun, and I thought it would hold me accountable having it be public and all. So let’s try again. We will forget that that little 3 month, no writing thing happened, and I’ll do a little more this time. Or at least ill try!




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