Absence 2.0

It seems that another long absence in my blogging has occurred. Life becomes a lot sometimes, and then it is difficult to jump back into the things that were a part of your life before things were a lot. In the last year, I have moved, started a new school, got a job, quit that job, finished my true second to last year of my undergraduate career (I say true because this was my 6th year of college– whaddaya gonna do?), experienced the sudden loss of my cat, (still working through the grief 7 months later, but we got a new cat, so that helps), aaand I experienced my first (and second) earthquakes! Obviously a lot more happened in that time, but I suppose those were the milestones. Anyway. I’ve got a growing list of things to write about here, so I might as well get back to it while I have the time this summer. We will see. Gotta be kind to ourselves as we navigate this crazy life! Tally ho!



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