My name is Madison Jane and I love pajamas, (or pyjamas or pj’s or jammies depending on your place of origin), anything on a crostini, and old hardwood floors, among other wonderful things. I’ve fallen into the ranks of directionless 20 somethings, and I am here in an attempt to find my voice – and, as it seems, you have the option of listening to me warble. I intend on sharing personal stories, anecdotes, beliefs, opinions, and the occasional rant, covering topics such as, philosophy, family, relationships, spirituality (kinda), food, and I will probably mention more than once my crazy, romanticized vision of me someday becoming Ina Garten.

I don’t really care about how many followers I have, or how many likes or comments I get, or if people like me “as a person”, or whatever. It is my commitment to you, dear reader, to be as authentic as I can be, and to avoid spelling “necessary” at all costs- because that is the one word I will never get right.

Cheers, and thanks for being here.