Most of us are many things. And most of the time, that is really delightful. In this case, while I sit here contemplating how to tell you who and what I am, and why I am doing this, I am overwhelmed with the things I am and the reasons why I am doing this, as well as the endless possibilities of the things you are and what lead you to here.

I suppose despite all of this, I will try to keep it simple.

I am a student, daughter, friend, partner, and cat-mom. I love to eat, and travel. I love to cook, laugh, sing, and I am also an amateur woodworker, don’t-cha-know.

…But, I’m feeling now, that it is truly odd how we describe ourselves to others. Because these things are in fact not how I feel I am. That person I just described- sure, that’s me, I guess, but that’s not what’s goin’ on inside, and that’s most definitely not the whole picture. I am often anxious, lost, worrying about and romanticizing the future. I stay up at night wondering why I haven’t taught myself how to make spring rolls yet, because they just look so easy to make and that’s something I should know by now at the ripe old age of 22. I watch a lot of television, and then feel bad because shouldn’t I be out doing interesting things like foraging for mushrooms or something? One time, I ate brie and pickles for dinner three nights in a row. (Actually though, don’t knock it till you try it). But of course, there’s good things too. I often snort when I laugh. I do cook quite a bit, and I think I make the best scrambled eggs ever. And I do actually have a wonderful partner, cat, and family that makes this journey so truly wonderful, anxiety and pickles included. To attempt to define myself in a small snapshot to you, I feel like you deserve this more well rounded picture.

I really do love hiking and music and fresh pesto just as much as the next person, but that’s only half (or more like one six thousandth), of me. Sometimes I feel afraid and sad and I cry at TV commercials. Sometimes I feel excited and hopeful and, you know what, I still cry at TV commercials.

And all of this is okay, but more importantly, it’s who I am. I’m here to be as honest as I can with you, about everything.

I’m here mostly using this as a tool to ground myself and find my voice as an adult (italics because if I were to call myself an adult out loud I might shiver or something) in this weird long/short saga that is this whole existence thing. I might end up telling you my scrambled egg recipe, or maybe my beliefs and why I trust the universe. I’m going to do my best to be present, truthful, and share what I gotta share.


I appreciate you being here.